Drain Pipe & Fittings

Our drain pipe and fittings can be used for domestic or commercial purposes; sizes include 32mm, 40mm and 50mm in black, white and grey.

Our drain pipe and fittings can be used in a number of applications including bath and sink wastes, shower trays, kitchen wastewater, appliance discharges and even rainwater harvesting systems. We stock two types of wastewater system; the push fit and solvent glue assemble method.

Both the solvent and push fit systems are formed using high quality PVC polymers. This material ensures extremely durable and shatterproof properties, coupled with the advantages of its lightweight characteristics. Our drain pipe and fittings have a smooth internal and exterior finish, resulting in optimum flow and blockage free systems.

Our solvent pipe and fittings are available in diameters of 32mm, 40mm and 50mm in a white, black or grey finish. The push fit system is only available in 32mm and 50mm, but is also stocked in white, black and grey.

Both these systems are extremely simple to install and meet BS5255 and the highest European standards. We also stock a vast range of fittings to compliment both systems, giving you the highest possible quality at an extremely competitive cost.

Our drain pipe and fittings can be installed alongside our soil and underground products. Accompanying items include solvents, glues, fittings, brackets, traps and universal adaptors. Our push fit system can be easily assembled and re-assembled to remove blockages or adapt your system.

Both products are stocked in large numbers and can be collected or shipping can be arranged if required.

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