Polypropylene Pipe & Fittings Isle of Wight

Polypropylene pipe and fittings are supplied in metric sizes, ranging from 20mm – 400mm. A range of wall thicknesses and associated products are available.

Polypropylene pipe and fittings are specially designed for systems where the most hazardous of fluids are to be transferred at high temperatures. This system has an extremely high chemical and abrasive resistance. These properties make it ideally suited to industrial and chemical pipework applications.

This product is used extensively throughout the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Polypropylene pipe and fittings are not installed using conventional methods. Fusion welding has to be carried out, as glues and solvents will not adhere to this material. Polypropylene is the toughest and most durable of all plastic pipe systems.

Polypropylene is light beige in colour and has a smooth internal and external finish. Typical installations include chemical processing, effluent plants, waste treatment and pharmaceutical industries.

Once installed, this system requires little to no maintenance. A full range of fittings and supporting products are always kept in stock. For current stock levels, or if you require any technical data, please call our technical department on the above number.