PVC Pipe & Fittings Birch

PVC pipe and fittings are stocked in metric or imperial, with sizes ranging from ½” to 12” and 20mm to 315mm.

PVC pipe and fittings are ideal for use in commercial and industrial sectors. This product is becoming increasingly popular, especially for cold water systems in commercial properties and process water installations. Other applications include the transfer of acids and alkali’s, Sewage Treatment, Effluent Systems, Chemical Processing and Potable Water Systems.

PVC is dark grey in colour and has an extremely smooth interior and exterior finish. This reduces the possibility of blockages or the build-up of solids in certain applications.

PVC pipe and fittings are installed using a solvent weld system. All joints and pipe ends must be abraded and cleaned using a pipe cleaning solution, solvent glue is then applied to both surfaces and the pipe and fitting is then pushed together. The result is an extremely strong and permanent joint in a matter of minutes.

This system doesn`t require ant maintenance if installation is satisfactory, unless blockages occur due to incorrect design or installation. Inspection and jetting chambers can be installed in large or industrial systems if required.

PVC is simple to install, extremely lightweight and resistant to a large range of alkali’s and acids. A full range of valves and fittings are stocked, with ancillary products such as glues, cleaners, brushes, bracketing, cloths and more.

All of the above products are an on the shelf item and can be collected from our trade counter. Nationwide distribution is available to all areas of the United Kingdom. For further details or to request a brochure, please call our sales team.