Soil Pipe & Fittings Somercotes

Our soil pipe and fittings are stocked in white, grey and black, with pipe diameters of 110mm and 160mm.

Uses include domestic waste downpipe and branch pipework, and soil removal systems in commercial and industrial buildings.

We stock both the solvent and push fit ring seal systems, with pipe and soil pipe fittings stocked in large volumes. Both systems are manufactured from high quality UPVC, with the ring seal system incorporating a long life rubber sealing ring. UPVC is extremely lightweight and easy to use, with no taste or odour. It has fantastic thermal qualities, minimising the chance of condensation. UPVC has a high resistance to corrosive fluids, making this system ideal for chemical and trade waste applications.

Our soil pipe and fittings have an extremely smooth internal and external finish. This has the added advantage of minimising flow resistance, meaning a far less chance of blockages and waste build up. Pipe and fittings are available in 110mm & 160mm diameters and in lengths of 3 metre and 6 metre, with a vast range of fittings and accessories offered.

This system is stocked in the following colours, white, light grey and black. The aforementioned colours are available in both the solvent and push fit systems.

Our soil pipe and fittings can be used in conjunction with our wastewater and underground pipework ranges, with a range of pipework insulation, adhesives, fittings and ancillary products available. This range requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, this is due to the products design and material.

Our soil pipe and fittings can be collected from our trade counter or dispatched nationwide. If you any questions related to this product, please call our sales team on the above number or contact our technical department by email.