Pipe Insulation Sutton

Our pipe insulation is compatible with steel, copper and plastic pipework, for pipe sizes between 6mm and 114mm. Insulation tube wall thicknesses include 9mm, 10mm, 13mm, 19mm, 25mm and 32mm.

Our pipe insulation can be used in arrange of environments including domestic systems, chilled systems, heating, domestic hot water and process pipework. Pipe insulation can be used to prevent systems from freezing in cold environments or reducing heat gain in hot environments.

We stock three types of insulation products i.e. Armaflex, Climaflex and Tubolit. Each product has its unique properties and cost bracket. All three products are manufactured from expanded polyethylene. Tubolit and Armaflex have a class O fire rating, with Climaflex having a Class P rating. All our pipe insulation products are HCFC and CFC free and carry a GWP reading of zero. Our insulation is “Global Warming Potential “specified, being approved by the International Panel on Climate Change.

These products easily satisfy bylaw 49 standards, and carry a higher insulation rating, allowing thinner wall thickness. This means our insulation can be installed where thicker alternatives can`t. This product also meets all current British Standards and is highly recommended for installation in domestic and commercial environments. Climaflex, Armaflex and Tubolit is rot proof and will not encourage the growth of mould or fungi. A high temperature tolerance means these systems can be installed in environments where temperatures can range from – 50oC to +90oC .

Our insulation materials can be collected from our depots or delivery can be arranged for most areas of the UK. Please call our sales team for further information.

Our pipe insulation is compatible with all our pipework and fittings ranges, including both above and below ground systems. Once installed, this system requires no maintenance